Our route is authentic, surprising and refreshing, with an eye for quality. The different concepts we work with arise from our inspiration sources. Since that sounds very broad (and abstract), we have described the possibilities here.


  • documentaries from Tegenlicht, Close Up and Uur van de Wolf
  • family squabbles and fuss
  • politics and freedom fighters
  • art (perception) and music (listening)
  • biographies
  • podcast of Esther Perel and podcast fathers
  • feature films such as ‘Tonya’, about the figure skater Tonya Harding; ‘The Crash Reel’, a film about a snowboarder; ‘The Work’, a film on confrontations in a prison.
  • yoga, sports and…
  • simply relaxing by doing nothing.


In addition to all existing organisational development concepts, we carry the following works with us:

  • The hero’s journey (Joseph Campbell)
  • Voice dialogue
  • Mindfullness
  • Dynamic judgement-formation (Lex Bos)
  • Biographical research
  • Value Management
  • Theory U (Otto Scharmer)
  • Provocative (team) coaching
  • Organisation arrangements
  • Campfire conversations inspired by anthropology
  • We also regularly work with image/film material because it relates to the inner knowing and the limbic brain.