Since 1996, we have worked as a consultant for dozens of clients, tallying up more than hundreds of assignments. From all these personal experiences, we choose six tasks that are exemplary for our way of working, and to which both clients and ourselves look back on with a sparkle in our eyes.

Nationale Nederlanden

Nationale Nederlanden has established the data center with more than 60 actuaries in Budapest.

The question to The Changing Company was to set up an Internal Consultant Center (ICC) so that the actuaries could provide even more added value for the rest of NN. We have been working intensively with this international team for two years: team sessions in Budapest combined with individual coaching and digital group assignments.

The result is an ICC with dedicated and enthusiastic professionals who are able to expand the network within NN and match the needs of internal customers with their expertise from Budapest.

eScience Center

The eScience Center offers digital support for scientific research. That may sound a bit dry, but is extremely fascinating when you dive into it. After all, data is the new gold. Moreover, almost as many people as nationalities work at the eScience Center. The organization has grown enormously in a few years (from 20 to 100 scientists).

The question to The Changing Company was to advise on a new organizational structure with a clear positioning of board members and managers with an appropriate and enthusing leadership style. We started working with a design team of key players from the organization in which many (a lot ofJ) perspectives were put on the table.

The result was that we were able to present clear advice about the new organizational structure, coupled with an interactive work conference for the entire organization so that involvement in the new course was created.


Nestle is a global food company: coffee, baby food, chocolate, water and so on.

We were asked by the coffee and chocolate sales team to strengthen the collaboration among themselves and with other teams. In a special setting on a remote farm in Abcoude and then in the old center of Den Bosch, we set to work with the organisation’s core values ​​and ambitions. We have translated these to the team and to everyone personally with intervision and presentations.

The result was that the team was able to strengthen the focus and therefore act jointly with more commitment.


Ebicus is a small ICT company on secondment that wants to grow. The owner is the big stimulator but wants more distance.

Team development ensured that a new MT could grow into a team with its own responsibilities and authorisations. The owner becomes a coach and the MT takes the lead.


Internal reorganisations at the Rabobank are the order of the day. That brings uncertainty. However, biding time is (not always) a desirable approach.

During the reorganisation, we organised all kinds of initiatives with an HPO (High Performance Organization) team, including sharing ambitions and ‘the ideal job’. Against the flow of biding time. The result is sticking to team spirit and more ownership.


The BAM wants to prepare managers for the future, among other things, by an annual international mini MBA tailored to their needs. Strategy and finance are alternated with Leadership and team building.

During these meetings, the culture develops through a strong network of the BAM. With the deployment of our programs, managers grow into wise leaders with a vision for the future.