Since 1996, we have worked as a consultant for dozens of clients, tallying up more than hundreds of assignments. From all these personal experiences, we choose six tasks that are exemplary for our way of working, and to which both clients and ourselves look back on with a sparkle in our eyes.


The RDW was working on a new strategy with the result “safe and secure on the road”. With updated ambitions from the new board, it was the task of The Changing Company to work together with a design group on organizational development. The result was a concrete interpretation of the new strategy and the implementation of exemplary behavior by key players and 125 managers for the rest of the organization.


All of Aegon’s managers conducted interviews based on a regular HR cycle. This can and had to be done differently; more dialogue and real connection.

In a setting of small groups, with a mix of CEO and team leaders, we engaged in an equal dialogue; with astonishment, curiosity and understanding.

They experienced that real contact gives meaning, also to the business content of daily work.


UniCarriers originated from a combination of different companies.

Together with the internal design team, we managed to get everyone moving in the same direction. We made use of Tuckman’s system thinking and team development phases. As a result, it appeared that distances from locations could be bridged and a turnaround could take place for actual cooperation.


Ebicus is a small ICT company on secondment that wants to grow. The owner is the big stimulator but wants more distance.

Team development ensured that a new MT could grow into a team with its own responsibilities and authorisations. The owner becomes a coach and the MT takes the lead.


Internal reorganisations at the Rabobank are the order of the day. That brings uncertainty. However, biding time is (not always) a desirable approach.

During the reorganisation, we organised all kinds of initiatives with an HPO (High Performance Organization) team, including sharing ambitions and ‘the ideal job’. Against the flow of biding time. The result is sticking to team spirit and more ownership.


The BAM wants to prepare managers for the future, among other things, by an annual international mini MBA tailored to their needs. Strategy and finance are alternated with Leadership and team building.

During these meetings, the culture develops through a strong network of the BAM. With the deployment of our programs, managers grow into wise leaders with a vision for the future.